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HiGoat Premium Milk Powder with Dates and Honey

RM 50.90
HiGoat Premium Milk Powder with Dates and Honey is great for body strength, restore, vibrates and adds energy body, restores a large vein cells. It also caring for body strength and balance and stimulate sexual energy.
It also has been proven for cleansing and increasing the blood, restore back and correct blood clot blood flow, cleaning the lining of blood and blood is clean, offset the fat and make active heart and eliminate the feeling of numbness and reduce blood pressure.
Ingredient: Pure goat’s milk powder, dates and honey.
One box = 15 Sachet X 21gm
To prepare: For a delicious cup of milk,  just mix one sachet of HiGoat into a cup (200ml) of warm water
Recommended use : To be taken 1-2 times daily